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Slippery Fish edition


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Due to essential maintenance there is a chance that our main websites will be offline at the time of the next podcast, so use this address to listen when the time comes. Again: we suggest you bookmark it now.

Use the player below to listen to our live audio stream, or click this link to stream in your preferred media player.

Next scheduled podcast from approx 8.30pm on Tuesday, October 22. Click the 'play' button above to listen. Should the worst happen and the audio cut out and it isn't a problem at your end, then it may mean problems at our end; in this case, refresh this page and press 'play' again. In this instance we also strongly advise going to #spiralpod on Twitter (no Twitter account necessary) for updates. 

DON'T navigate away from this page while liistening as the stream will cut out - rather open a new window or tab if you wish to surf while enjoying the show. Alternatively, why not dance instead? We'd love to hear from you during the show: use hashtag #spiralpod on Twitter, or email might get through to admin at bitternepark dot info. Or use our Facebook page.

Top tip: try plugging your computer or other device into your stereo for maximum delightfulness.

Click here to view the full line up in a new window (if our main site is working), but in brief we hope to be presenting:

From as near to 8pm as we can - test stream. Enjoy the sound of remote beaches, forest birdsong, and perhaps even a few talky bits from the archive.

From around 8.45pm - we may have a pre-recorded local audio feature, if it's ready in time. But it may not be.

Then at around 9pm - 10.30pm join The Spiraltones at home, this time with special guests (in no particular order):

  • Angela Chicken – poet and writer
  • Accrington Stanley - local indie rock giants
  • Grant Sharkey - The man who's pledged to release 40 albums in 20 years

This live audio stream may include 'adult language' or 'themes' so please make whatever choices you may feel to be appropriate to ensure safe and happy listening.


Audio used in this stream or 'listen again' facility is either owned by ourselves, or is reproduced under a creative commons licence or used with special permission from copyright owners/publishers. We would like to thank the originators of these works.


“Persephone” by snowflake - Licensed under Creative Commons

Kingston-Malak by BoomShaak - Licensed under Creative Commons

“Café Connection” by morgant - Licensed under Creative Commons

“Slanted Voices” by morgantj -  Licensed under Creative Commons

"We the People"  by mykleanthony Featuring: Jeris (VJ_Memes) -  Licensed under Creative Commons

"At the Root" by Jeris Featuring: snowflake -  Licensed under Creative Commons


This audio stream uses these sounds from freesound:

Fiji Beach by c97059890 - in the public domain

spring morning.wav by inchadney - Licensed under Creative Commons

numbers_noise.wav by schulle4u - Licensed under Creative Commons / used with special permission

If we have failed to attribute any recordings correctly or if there are any other issues with use of these sounds then please let us know so we can remove them from the stream promptly if necessary.